Shimabuku, <i>When Sky was Sea</i>, Performance / Vidéo Installation, 2002 © Courtesy of the artist and Air de Paris

14th Biennale de Lyon

Partnership from 20 Sep 2017 to 07 Jan 2018

6 years and 6 months ago

La Biennale de Lyon opens the second chapter of a trilogy around the word “modern”. For this 14th edition, Emma Lavigne welcomes fifty artists to work around Floating worlds, a theme chosen in reference to the Japanese word « ukiyô », which invites to contemplation and questions impermanence of things.
Conceived as a sensory and immersive journey, the Biennale is floating on “liquid modernity”, in the words of sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, where categories, shapes and identities disappear due to constant change, characteristic of an increasingly globalised planet. Lafayette Anticipations provides support to Daniel Steegmann Mangrané and Julien Discrit, both embarked on this archipelago.