Performance by Ligia Lewis, Paul Maheke, Nkisi and Titilayo Adebayo during Around the Centre #1, July 7, 2018 © Pierre Antoine
Performance by Ligia Lewis, Paul Maheke, Nkisi and Titilayo Adebayo during Around the Centre #1, July 7, 2018 © Pierre Antoine

Lafayette Anticipations addresses itself to all visitors. As such, the Fondation ascribes to the ideal, championed by Antoine Vitez, of elite art for all, combining cultural democratization with artistic excellence. This also aligns with a democratic approach to Beauty, a central value of the Galeries Lafayette brand since its inception. 

Lafayette Anticipations only showcases new works. All visitors, specialists or general public, are free to enter into a relationship with these works. Regardless of origin or status, everyone is invited to share their experiences while perceiving the individual and collective thoughts, efforts and work that gave birth to these creations. 

The visitor’s gaze is an action. Assessments, initial reactions and even doubts are an integral part of the creative mission of Lafayette Anticipations. 


Guided tours

View of a tour with Hicham Khalidi, 2018
View of a tour with Hicham Khalidi, 2018 © Lafayette Anticipations

Lafayette Anticipations offers independent visitors the possibility of discovering the exhibition spaces in the company of a tour guide. These visits are led by cultural mediators as well as the Fondation’s team, the curators and the artists on display.


Guided tours of the exhibition
With cultural mediators

Everyday: 6pm

An installation by Camille Blatrix
With cultural mediators
Thursday: every half hour between 7pm and 10pm

LA night 
With cultural mediators

Every Friday: 7pm

LA Tour

With Lafayette Anticipations' team and the curators

Every Saturday: 5pm

LA Workshop
With cultural mediators

Every Saturday: 7pm

Family pLAy! (7-12 years)

With cultural mediators

Saturday and Sunday: 3:30pm


With cultural mediators

Every Sunday: 4:30pm


Guided tours allow all members of the public to discover with each exhibition, a unique and modular space based on an ever-changing ensemble of artistic and museographical choices. 

Admission fee for a group of adults (including entrance tickets and guided tour, for up to 25 adults): €250.
Groups of visitors from social and welfare programmes benefit from free admission.

School groups

Customized visits are offered, based on the level and age of the students and the expectations of their teachers.

For more information: mediation[a]lafayetteanticipations[.]com

Rebond - Digital visit of the exhibition

ReBond, the application that offers a digital visit of Lafayette Anticipations (Teaser) Development: reciproque, Graphic design: Dream’On, Editing: Laure Charrier, Image and sound: David Couliau, Translations: Patrick Kremer, Teaser: Vincent Dumond & Musical contribution: Uriel Barthélémi

Lafayette Anticipations offers its visitors a unique experience of digital visit, known as ReBond. This is a free, optional service.

The exploration of the exhibition in progress is structured in different stages, resulting in a carefully thought-out itinerary. The artists may participate in this tour directly, as well as the curator(s) and other guests. A plurality of voices and perspectives are therefore blended together, generating the visitor’s interest and curiosity in the artworks on display, yet still allowing him/her to forge their own interpretation.

To benefit from this service, visitors can download an application. They are required to activate their location tracking. When they pass by certain artworks within the exhibition spaces, indicated by a certain symbol, a screen appears on their phone, offering a menu of various audio-visual content produced with the aim of providing visitors with greater information about specific artworks.

The application also offers visitors production notes (via ReSource). This consists of a screen listing archives of different documents related to the process of making the work. In a sense, the aim here is to reveal what happens behind the scenes in the production of an artwork, including the secrets of its fabrication.

A later version will allow the visitor to consult and keep these discoveries on his/her phone. He or she can also make a contribution, by commenting directly in the application. All members of the public, whether art experts or complete amateurs can therefore establish their own relationship to the artworks; everyone is invited to share their experiences and to discover the ideas, work, and the individual and collective efforts behind these formal proposals.