Artist of the Collection

David Horvitz

Born in 1982 at Los Angeles, États-Unis

Adept at playing with time and space, the American artist David Horvitz gives photography a primordial, poetic, and spiritual role. An integral part of his conceptual practice and his nomadism, photography allows him to capture memories or moments that he presents in the recurring form of postcards. He explains his approach by distinguishing between the concepts of “opportune moment” and “sequential time,” as well as by claiming the existence of a world where the notion of defined duration does not exist. An interdisciplinary artist, Horvitz mixes media and techniques and collects and distributes images and objects.

Born in 1982 in Los Angeles (USA), David Horvitz studied at the University of California at Riverside before graduating from Bard College. He is the founder of Galerie Morille in Los Angeles and Porcino Gallery in Berlin.

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