Artist of the Collection

Anicka Yi

Born in 1971 at Séoul, Corée

Anicka Yi focuses on perishable substances, and her favourite materials—as varied as potato crisps, fur, bodily fluids, and bacteria—are diverted into installations, sculptures, and films. The artist searches for the limits of the persistence of beauty. Often immersed in glycerine, resin, or wax, Anicka Yi’s sensory creations bear witness to her interest in highly evocative chemical and techno-sensual experiments. While seeking to break away from the dominance of the visual, Anicka Yi is interested in how the senses and perception are culturally conditioned, referring to a “biopolitics of the senses”.

Born in 1971 in Seoul (South Korea), Anicka Yi was awarded the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Prize in 2011. She lives and works in New York.

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