Yngve Holen

Born in 1982 at Braunschweig (Allemagne). Lives and works in Berlin (Allemagne).
The human body, it is often said, is conspicuously absent in the work of the Norwegian German artist Yngve Holen. Yet everywhere in his oeuvre, the implications of the body, its subjectivity, messy corporeality, and imbrications in a culture of consumption, are evoked.
Disemboweled washing machines, bisected water coolers, MRI-scanned and 3D-printed smashed cell phones: Holen has used them all in previous works. His predilection for things that are at one remove from the humans who make, buy, or use them is shaped by an interest in the technologies that define our everyday surroundings, from transportation and plastic surgery to industrial food production and security systems. He studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt from which he graduated in 2010. In 2016, a monographic exhibition VERTICALSEAT is dedicated to his work at the Kunsthalle Basel and in 2018 he exhibit at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations

Work from the Collection