Valérie Snobeck

Born in 1980 at Wadena (États-Unis). Lives and works in New York (États-Unis).
Valérie Snobeck's work examines the impact and dependencies of a series of political, financial, and aesthetic currents.
The images and materials composing the artist's universe are layered: plastic, tarmac, burlap and jean are combined with glasswork from the Great Depression, as well as tools used to fix watches, ink prints from the 21st century, and cardboard packing boxes. Valérie Snobeck obtained a BFA from Cloud State University at St. Cloud (USA) and an MFA from Chicago University (USA). Her works was exhibited at Simon Lee Gallery, New York ; galerie Catherine Bastide, Bruxelles ; Whitney biennale ; Consortium, Dijon.
View of the exhibition Joining Forces with the Unknown, Valérie Snobeck, 2016 © Isabelle Giovacchini

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations