Marina Herlop

Born in 1992 at Piera, Espagne. Lives and works in Barcelone, Espagne.
Marina Herlop is a Catalan singer and pianist.

In 2015 her debut album Nanook was released, in which her immaculate voice blends with the sound of the piano. In 2018, she experiments with Babasha, where voice and electronics become one. 

In 2021, Marina Herlop joined the PAN label with her new single, Miu. The artist invites her listeners to enter her dreamlike, fairytale landscape by descending down a sonic rabbit hole, discovering her garden of branching paths. Resisting attempts to interpret her work, Marina Herlop prefers to create worlds that nourish and stimulate our imagination. In Miu, the artist uses Konnakol syllables and Carnatic rhythms for the first time, combining them with a transformed human voice and electronics. Miu becomes a black box or cenobitic toy onto which we can project our dreams and desires.  

On stage, she performs with several musicians.