Marina Herlop + Osheyack + Sarahsson + Accident du travail

Saturday 20 Jan 2024 from 6:30pm to 10:30pm

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Marina Herlop © Martin Argyroglo

Saturday is all about introspection, with performances that will keep you on the move.

Composer, vocalist and pianist Marina Herlop - initially known for her classical training - has been exploring a more cybernetic aspect of music since the release of her third album 'Pripyat' on the avant-garde PAN label, which marks the artist's transition towards electronic music. Her voice collides with the electronic alterations of the machines that accompany her. It's a multi-faceted world that's well worth immersing yourself in.

Osheyack's music fuses techno, gabber, ambient and drone with unsettling percussion and tumultuous bass. Releasing his music on labels such as Svbkvlt and Bedouin Records, Osheyack navigates between aggressive hardcore sounds and surprisingly masterful forms of experimental club music. Inspired by 'sadomodernist' directors such as Lars von Trier and Michael Haneke, Osheyack explores the critical possibilities of clubbing infrastructures around the world. The result? The desire to dance and free oneself from bodily and societal constraints.

With Sarahsson, classical music, metal and electronic music converge. On stage, the artist promises visually striking and intense live performances, genuine visceral experiences that reject all categorisation. It's an experience that's hard to put into words, but that has to be lived.

Another eagerly-awaited line-up is the duo Accident du Travail, formed by Julie Normal on the Ondes Martenot (the ancestor of the synthesiser) and Olivier Demeaux on the harmonium, who promise us a contemplative, introspective live set, full of daydreams.
Osheyack © Martin Argyroglo
Sarahsson © Martin Argyroglo
Accident du travail © Martin Argyroglo
Marina Herlop is a Catalan singer and pianist.

In 2015 her debut album Nanook was released, in which her immaculate voice blends with the sound of the piano. In 2018, she experiments with Babasha, where voice and electronics become one. 

In 2021, Marina Herlop joined the PAN label with her new single, Miu. The artist invites her listeners to enter her dreamlike, fairytale landscape by descending down a sonic rabbit hole, discovering her garden of branching paths. Resisting attempts to interpret her work, Marina Herlop prefers to create worlds that nourish and stimulate our imagination. In Miu, the artist uses Konnakol syllables and Carnatic rhythms for the first time, combining them with a transformed human voice and electronics. Miu becomes a black box or cenobitic toy onto which we can project our dreams and desires.  

On stage, she performs with several musicians.

Osheyack is a producer and musician based in Shanghai. An integral member of Shanghai’s burgeoning electronic music scene that centers around ALL Club.

When not playing live for the legendary 云CLOUD night his music can be heard soundtracking art installations and fashion shows across Shanghai. His profile grew considerably in 2018 with his release of two EP’s, Empty Hell on SVBKVLT and Proof of Concept on CGI, as well as his critically acclaimed debut album Sadomodernism on Bedouin Records.

Accident du Travail is a duo formed in the late 2000s by Olivier Demeaux (ex-Cheveu, Heimat) and Julie Normal.

Their fragile, ecstatic electronic music is born of rare instruments: Julie's ondes Martenot, a prototype synthesiser from the 1920s much used by Messiaen, Varese and Boulez, and Olivier's old church harmonium, all spiced up with a few machines.

Accident du Travail has recorded three studio albums (Bruit Direct, The Trilogy Tapes), and two live performances (including one at Cafe Oto), celebrated in The Wire and Libération among others.