Chloé Royer

Born in 1989. Lives and works in Paris, France.
A 2015 graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Chloé Royer also studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. By transforming matter, she explores the potential for metamorphosis that lies dormant in all bodies, whether living or inanimate.

Playing on imbalances, the artist invents postures that are not self-evident, couplings that are by no means self-evident, but which manage to exist thanks to the contact between skins or surfaces, repair strategies and the care we give them. 

The unclassifiable hybrids she creates, on the borderline between the living and the object, disrupt taxonomies and unsettle our perceptions. An intimate dialogue is created between the different elements that make up her works, and with the viewers, engaging them in a carnal relationship with the material. Chloé Royer blurs identities and tames the strange. 

She won the FahrArt prize in 2021 for We would survive but without skin, without touch, sculptures installed in the Walbeck district of North Rhine-Westphalia (DE). In 2022, she held a solo exhibition at the AKSS Foundation on the island of Spetses (Greece), prepared by a residency in Athens with AMA. 

From September 2022 to July 2023 she was in residence at the Fiminco Foundation. In the same year she will be exhibiting her work on the Parvis de la Villette.

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations