A new institution in Paris

Lafayette Anticipations' opening film A film by : Julien Discrit et Christophe Acker | Production : Les Films du Sillage | Music : Uriel Barthélémi

Mission statement

A production catalyst 

Lafayette Anticipations oversees initiatives for the support of contemporary creation led by two general interest organisms, the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette and the Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, established by the Galeries Lafayette Group and its stakeholder family. 

Lafayette Anticipations is a general interest foundation structured around its production activities and support provided to contemporary creation. The Fondation acts as a catalyser, providing artists unique, made-to-measure conditions in which to produce, experiment and exhibit. 

As of its opening on March 10, 2018, the Fondation will become the first multidisciplinary centre of its kind in France. In its 19th century building situated in the heart of the Marais and renovated by OMA, Rem Koolhaas’s architecture firm, the public will soon discover a curatorial machine in which new pieces produced by international creators – stemming from the fields of contemporary art, design and fashion – will be presented.

Throughout the building’s renovation from 2013 to 2017, Lafayette Anticipations explored the Fondation’s evolving identity during artist-in-residence programmes, workshops, partnerships and direct support for the production of pieces.

This pre-launch programme was marked by numerous events organised by Lafayette Anticipations, namely Les Prolégomènes, Venir Voir Venir, Joining Forces with the Unknown and Composer les mesures de son espaces, as well as by projects led with partner institutions, including the Centre Pompidou, the Archives nationales, the Kunsthalle Basel, MoMA PS1, Performa and the New Museum.

Lafayette Anticipations also supports contemporary creation through the Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin. Established in 2013, this endowment fund implements initiatives to support general interest artistic projects, while pursuing a policy of acquisition and enhancement of its art collection.

Anticipations by Guillaume Houzé

For over 120 years, the Galeries Lafayette has developed as a family business, by cultivating values that were present from its inception and which now provide a solid foundation on which to build: “the unique encounter of creativity and commerce, accessible to all”. Deriving the full potential of living in the present means accepting the radicalism of the new. This also entails taking the initiative to surprise, to amaze, and to disrupt, which is what we expect from art. 

To satisfy our thirst for creativity, we must drink from its source—close to the artists. Their work pushes us to exercise freely our judgment, and to forever alter our view of the world and of our lives. It is by collaborating with artists that the Fondation is able to define its identity, commitments and responsibilities.

To anchor our project in the heart of the city, we asked OMA, the architectural firm directed by Rem Koolhaas, to transform our building located 9 rue du Plâtre into a place of production situated in a globalized world. Lafayette Anticipations, will open on March 10, 2018, creating a place of welcome for artists and citizens to participate in the transformation of shapes and ideas.

Creators in fashion, design, visual arts, as well as performers, will work in this space, exchanging their practices and ideas with those of a diverse audience. Thus, Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette will attempt to sharpen our understanding of contemporary times, fueled by the dynamism of modernity which has nourished the Galeries Lafayette since its inception. No one knows what the future holds; however, I believe that collective support of creation will contribute to its invention.

Guillaume Houzé
President of Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette
Director of Image and Communications of the Galeries Lafayette and the BHV Marais
Director of Sponsorship and Image of the Galeries Lafayette Group

The board of directors


Ginette Moulin, Honorary President

Philippe Houzé
Executive Chairman of the Galeries Lafayette Group Executive Board

Guillaume Houzé, President
Image and Communications Director of the Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS

Eric Costa, Secretary general
Corporate Real Estate Director, Galeries Lafayette Group and Chief Executive Office of Citynove Asset Management

Ugo Supino, Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer, Galeries Lafayette Group

Nicolas Houzé
Chief Executive Officer of the Galeries Lafayette Group

Arthur Lemoine
General manager of Louis Pion-Royal Quartz


Chris Dercon
Volksbühne Director, Berlin

Li Edelkoort
Trend forecaster, professor and curator

Martin Hatebur
President, Kunsthalle Basel

Laurent Le Bon
President, Picasso Museum, Paris

Lafayette Anticipations Team

Guillaume Houzé

François Quintin
Managing Director

Coordination Centre

Laurence Perrillat

Judith Peluso
Head Technical and Building Supervisor

Hélène Dunner
Administrative assistant

Emmanuelle Canas

Noé Robin
Administration and Production Intern

Production Centre

Dirk Meylaerts
Director of Production

Aude Mohammedi-Merquiol
Head of Production coordination

Romain Bertel
Head of Workshop

Lisa Audureau
Project manager - Collection and Production

Knowledge Centre

Gilles Baume
Head of Education and Outreach

Matthieu Bonicel
Head of Publishing and Information Technology

Camille Richert
Head of Publications

Madeleine Planeix-Crocker
Interim Head of Communications

Hugo Godart
Welcome desk and ticketing supervisor

Alice Choquart
Project manager - Communication, Publication and Outreach

Simon Gérard
Public Outreach Intern

Associate curators

Charles Aubin
Associate curator

Anna Colin
Associate curator

Hicham Khalidi
Associate curator

La Maîtrise Team

Store, Café-Restaurant and venue rental

Under the direction of Elisabeth Cazorla and François Quintin

Pauline Vincent

Head of operations

Thérèse Boon Falleur

Léa Siboni