Les Prolégomènes, Day 2 - Workshop n°4 "Places for creating", October 4th 2013, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris
Led by Christophe Kihm, with Christophe Kihm, L’Atelier des Testeurs (Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux), OMA.
« The major 20th century institutions that have supported or initiated powerful paradigm shifts in art have always been associated to new venues. Historically, the places that have led to radical transformations or redefinitions of art, such as journals and schools from Acéphale and Grand Jeu to Vkhutemas and Bauhaus, have seemed to follow a pattern. They have always been home to newly founded communities or collectives that expressed a common desire for change, in the form of a program, underpinned by aesthetic mottos that redefined the relation between art and life. Of recent years, many creative venues have been established along the lines of these historic change- promoting institutions. These too found their raison d’être or line of research in innovation and technology (ZKM or Fresnoy) or art and science (Ircam or le Laboratoire). And yet, the creative venue par excellence remains the workshop. Of course, it has been architecturally transformed over the years, and its current definition includes its mobile and virtual incarnations. At this point, we would like to ask three questions: What will we do with these large modern institutions ? How can the most contemporary forms of the workshop help design a creative space? How can you use contemporary art and design to outline an ideal space for artists and designers? » — Christophe Kihm
Les Prolégomènes / Which places for creation? Workshop #4