View of the exhibition Joining Forces with the Unknown, Perks and Mini, 2016 © Isabelle Giovacchini
Inspired by the 90s Comme des Garçons Six magazines, Perks And Mini set out to create a time document, a real window on Utopia for the exhibition Joining Forces with the Unknown.
It is a compendium of (alternate) reality, psychedelics, spirituality, paganism, folk customs, esotericism, connection to the land, and the need to produce hope for the future, ideals which resonate with concepts of a type of life or reality. The magazine that comes in two volumes UTOP/A / and UTOP/A // is a curated collection of images and text by the likes of Jonas Mekas, Axel Hoeldt, Peter Sutherland and Jason Fulford. The publication will be distributed during the exhibit Joining Forces with the Unknown, and during Paris Fashion Week, as well as through independent Parisian bookstores such as Yvon Lambert, OFR, Colette, Comptoir de l’image, or even Donlon Books in London. Graphius (print) Marie-Laure Varret (digital print)