The projects by Mélanie Matranga generally echo the state of our sensations and the notion of intimacy. Especially for Lifetime, Mélanie Matranga recorded Reading, superimposition and juxtaposition of sound layers of various natures: texts by Jacques Rigaut, Friedrich Nietzsche and Ingeborg Bachmann are intermingled with sounds, songs and melodies from the discotheque of Quentin Vandewalle, co-founder of the Antinote label.
"I don't have much to say, as there's too much going on all around me that leaves me speechless. And yet, even if words accumulate at the bottom of the throat without any meaning being able to trace its path, one must speak, communicate, exchange... In order to escape this "legitimate" boredom, this boredom that does not lead to Rome, as described by Jacques Rigaut. So I picked up in Quentin Vandewalle's discotheque, and in my library, to find people who talk, eternally, in a loop on discs and over the pages. I address you with the words of others, because I don't have much to say, as there's too much going on, all around, which leaves me speechless... "
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