Mutant Stage 4 "Korowod", a film by Olga Dukhovnaya and Konstantin Lipatov avec Amalia Alba, Florence Casanave, Olga Dukhovnaya, Lisa Miramond, Annabelle Pirlot, 2015
Russian dances, synchronized swimming and soldier marches were the starting point for Korowod. These types of collective movement symbolize unity. I have always been fascinated by mechanical puppets: half-human, half-machine.
Perfect dancers propped on wheels, who know neither weariness or fear […] I want to float between what is formal and what is human, to create tension between reality and magic, the mechanical body and the living one. A tension that will never be resolved. Korowod was recreated entirely for the fourth Mutant Stage episode. We were inspired by cinematic long takes, hoping to reduce editing and to prompt the illusion of real time. Olga Dukhovnaya and Konstantin Lipatov Amalia Alba Amalia Alba, is particularly interested in contemporary dance and Argentine tango. After training at RIDC in Paris and at the CNDC in Angers, she continues her studies at the University Paris 8. Florence Casanave Florence Casanave collaborates as a dance interpreter with Sylvie le Quéré, Eleonore Didier and Christian and François Ben Aïm while producing her own creations. Lisa Miramond Lisa Miramond studied at the CNDC Angers with Emmanuelle Huynh. Today, she performs with Daphne Achermann, Olga Dukhovnaya and Benjamin Pogonatos. Annabelle Pirlot Annabelle Pirlot studied at the CCN Rillieux-la-Pape with Compagnie Maguy Marin, then at the CNDC in Angers with Emmanuelle Huynh. She now pursues her career by integrating writing and research at the dance department of the University Paris 8.
Mutant Stage 4