Mutant Stage 1

Date: 2014
Medium: Film, 2.22 minutes
Mutant Stage 1, a film by Wendy Morgan with Volmir Cordeiro and Pauline Simon, 2014
In this first Mutant Stage episode, two strange and multiplied figures move in the cracks and nooks of the 9 rue du Plâtre’s construction site.
From the roof to the basement, the dancers explore and interact with the building, like slow and furtive creatures roaming an undefined habitat. They cross the 9 rue du Plâtre, immersed in artificial lights, while highlighting the building’s improbable spaces. Volmir Cordeiro Volmir Cordeiro trained at Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers and is currently working on a PhD thesis on figures of marginality in contemporary dance at Paris VIII University. Inspired both by his studies and time spent in the favelas of Rio with Lia Rodrigues’ company, Volmir Cordeiro wishes to bring to life those who are “condemned to weaken, disappear, derail.” In previous works, he has shown a strong interest in exploring the physicality of marginal and underprivileged figures such as precarious workers, displaced intellectuals, disengaged citizens, and immigrants. Cordeiro took part in Xavier Le Roy’s live exhibition Retrospective in Rio de Janeiro (Panorama festival, 2013) and in Paris (Centre Pompidou, 2014). He took parts, under Emmanuelle Huynh’s direction, to the Emanticipation, a laboratory, presented in 2014 at Lafayette Anticipations. Pauline Simon Pauline Simon is a dancer, performer, choreographer and amateur musician. She studied at the Conservatoire national supérieur de Musique et de danse in Paris before finding her own approach that uses her flesh as a medium to explore a vast panel of representations and perceptions. Then she trained with Alban Richard and Loïc Touzé, Fanny De Chaillé, Vincent Dupont. In 2009, her solo “Pays sage” is rewarded by the Talent danse Adamiet prize. Since 2010, she participates to the SKITTE Laboratory in Caen under the impulse of Jean-Marc Adolphe. In 2011, she works with Joanne Leighton at the Belfort CCN ("Les Modulables", "Made in", "The End", "Exquisite Corpse"). Pauline Simon developed in parallel personal projects with the association Suprabégnigne. In 2012, her project “Exploit” received the first jury’s prize and the public prize at Danse Elargie, organized by the Théâtre de la Ville and the Danse museum. In 2013, she presents “Sérendipité" at the Théâtre de la Cité internationale and in the frame of the Inaccoutumés at the Ménagerie de Verre.
Mutant Stage 1