Date: 2021
Medium: Oil pastel on velvet-laminated canvas, wooden box and polyurethane foam
Courtesy: Courtesy the artist and Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

Interior is a freeze-frame of a film just after a scene where two characters have disappeared and left the space of their encounter empty.

All that remains is a vision of an abstract interior in which it is impossible to recognize any familiar form, except for a window. This unstoppable scene shatters the markers of time and location, as if it were floating. The play of light and shadow is almost aggressive, increasing the dramatic tension of the scene. Martin Margiela is interested in chiaroscuro, one of the foremost classical representational techniques in the history of painting, developed by the genius of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, among others. The scene chosen by Margiela is drawn in oil pastels on black velvet, that special fabric that absorbs light and contains a natural darkness within it. It is as much a sign of menace as it is to the possibilities when, in the place where we cannot see, the horizons remain open.