During his residency, Davide Cascio created works for the exhibition Ikebana at FORMA gallery in Lausanne. He also produced a series of pieces in collaboration with Venezuelan artist Jorge Pedro Nuñez, for a sculptural work for four hands, taking maximum advantage of the resources at 9 rue du Plâtre, reusing materials before the restoration of the building.
Halfway between collage and sculpture, the shapes in the Ikebana series, assembled from plywood, formica, acrylic, carpet and wood, attempt to overturn the process of creation. They take their inspiration from techniques used by Braques and Picasso who created genuine sculptures from cardboard, as skeletons for their still-lifes. Likewise the Japanese masters of Ikebana who determine their floral compositions depending on their vases. Davide Cascio’s shapes are at once works and their own design.