Through a conversation with Clément Delépine - curator and director of the Paris International Fair - the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, author of "La Vie des plantes. Une métaphysique du mélange" and "Métamorphoses", discusses especially for Lifetime how the current pandemic is accelerating the end of a world.
He analyses our relationship to living beings, be they humans, bacteria, viruses, plants, or animals and how our relationship to other species must be rethought in order to imagine other futures. “It is difficult to know what kind of world will await us when we emerge from this crisis. But what is certain is that the arrival of this pandemic has accelerated the end of a world that was already in agony and brings a future that is quite open, both frightening and full of hope”
⇢ Lifetime #24 | A conversation with Emanuele Coccia and Clément Delépine