Teddy Sanches is an industrial designer and member of the HALL.HAUS collective that he co-founded in early 2020.

For his residency at Lafayette Anticipations, Teddy Sanches and his team wanted to revisit the mythical Quechua camping chair by confronting it with the industrial luxury of the Wassily Chair designed by Marcel Breuer.

This reinterpretation, both luxurious and popular, made of wood and leather, combines a taste for simple and intuitive design with the complexity of a system of leather and brass junctions.

In our workshops, with our production team Teddy Sanches and his collaborators Zachari Boukhari et Sammy Bernousi, were able to work on the woodworking with our 4-axis CNC, the engraving of the leather with a laser machine and also 3D modelling.

Teddy Sanches (HALL.HAUS) | À l'oeuvre ! 2020