Yoga XL Flow Course - Suspensions

Monday 27 Feb 2023 from 7:15pm to 9:15pm

Monday 27 Mar 2023 from 7:15pm to 9:15pm

Tuesday 16 May 2023 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Bring your own mat

Lucas and May take you through a practice centred on slow and controlled transitions, breath-holding (kumbhakas) and awareness of energy locks (bandhas).

Yoga postures are a gateway to the self, one of the first steps to self-discovery. Channeling, controlling and suspending thoughts is a process that requires continuous attention and vigilance.

Becoming aware of each moment (ksana), of each part of our movement and breath, allows us to reconnect with ourselves. Attention is sharpened and refined to perceive what was previously unconscious.