Visit on the move

During our Interlude periods (periods between exhibitions), visit the Fondation in a different fashion!
Learn about the history and activities of Lafayette Anticipations, a former BHV's warehouse rehabilitated by Rem Koolhaas and his agency OMA. Following the mediators to discover the architectural singularity of 9 rue du Plâtre... But not only that. 

Lafayette Anticipations is constantly in motion - all the more so during its periods of Interlude - where artists and production teams at work punctuate the Foundation's activity.

Practical information

Visit on the move takes place only during the inter-exhibitions period, according to the Foundation's schedule, on Fridays from 6pm to 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 4pm.
Access to this visit is limited to 15 people.
Lafayette Anticipations
Saturday 14 Sep 2019
from 03 pm to 04 pm
Sunday 15 Sep 2019
from 03 pm to 04 pm
Friday 27 Sep 2019
from 06 pm to 07 pm
Saturday 28 Sep 2019
from 03 pm to 04 pm
Sunday 29 Sep 2019
from 03 pm to 04 pm

Montage de l'exposition Katinka Bock