Thematic Tour

Every Monday in July, at 5:30 p.m., Lafayette Anticipations invites the public to a thematic tour, designed by the Foundation's mediation team.
Monday July 6th
"Magic body, ecstatic body"
Rachel Rose's works experience our sensory reality and explore the idea of a filter body as a catalyst for sensation. How do we push our physical limits to experience the world?
with Margot Bollin, mediator
Monday, July 13th
"The Shape of Metamorphosis"
Through Rachel Rose's works as states of being in the world, we explore the continuous movement of existence, to the rhythm of metamorphosis. From birth to the transcendence of the materiality of bodies, she invests the moments and spaces of these transformations, when all trajectories are yet to be imagined.
with Noémie Pacaud, mediator
Monday 20th July
"In the loop"
The repetition, the constantly replayed action can be seen as a long duration of which the audience discovers only a fragment. In this perspective, the artist's interest in repetition, replay and the ghostly nature of the recording will be discussed.
with Alexandre Brault, mediator
Monday, July 27th
"A Brief History of Witchcraft"
The feminine, the animal and the organic in the West, from antiquity to the Middle Ages.
with Maxime Decouard, mediator
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