Terre, the Christmas market of ceramics


Saturday 10 Dec 2022 from 11am to 7pm

Sunday 11 Dec 2022 from 11am to 7pm

Free entry

To celebrate the festive season, the Lafayette Anticipations Boutique invites the finest ceramists to present their latest creations at the heart of the Fondation.

Bold and colourful pieces, or classic and timeless, unusual illustrations or plant evocations, each of these designers develops a universe of unique and distinctive shapes and colours.

Cups, plates, teapots, vases (and more) are available from €25, enough to offer a moment of poetry!

→ Pia Chevalier
→ Bili Cobalt
→ Goju Ceramics
→ si jeune montagne
→ Coline Oliviero
→ Capucine Pageron
→ Amélie Patry
→ Adèle Prost
→ Landy Rakoto
→ Emmanuelle Roule

Cover photo: Goju Ceramics