Reto Pulfer, Angiozustand © Martin Argyroglo

Reto Pulfer, Angiozustand

This “Zustand” – a German noun that roughly translates to a condition or state of things, mental or physical, like the French état des choses – is made of works from 2011-2019, which have been regrouped here to form an environment for conferences, workshops and screenings.
A self-taught artist, Reto Pulfer uses painting, writing, drawing, music and a smattering of salvaged objects to build intuitive and enveloping installations that explore notions of language, botany, landscape and nomadism. The Angiozustand installation in the form of tents and large pieces of fabric delineates a perimeter that evokes a public underground space, such as those found in shopping centres in North America – labyrinthine and autonomous root-like spaces. Like a grotto, the work produces its own thermic and hygrometric variation, and invites visitors into an “oblique voyage”, as the artist calls it, that lends well to meeting and exchange.
Lafayette Anticipations

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Reto Pulfer, Angiozustand © Martin Argyroglo

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