NOVA XX : Cucina Povera + Decha + Under Arrest

Lafayette Anticipations is once again partnering with NOVA_XX, a biennial event dedicated to artistic, scientific and technological innovation dedicated to women, for a sound prefiguration in parallel with the exhibition presented at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles!
With performances by :

Cucina Povera (Helsinki)

Cucina Povera, aka Maria Rossi, uses her voice mixed with percussive loops and sound superpositions that she composes live. With her music she transports the listener into an unknown space where sounds are both familiar and foreign.

→ Decha (Düsseldorf)

Decha is the alias of the multidisciplinary artist Viktoria Wehrmeister. With her two solo albums on the Berlin label Malka Tuti, Decha lays down a poetic and totally stateless sound world. Her lyrics are a reflection on life and existence as a woman, mother, artist and creator. She sings about her daily experiences, emotions and encounters.

→ Under Arrest (Brussels)

Under Arrest, born in Germany and having passed through Bordeaux, is now a central figure on the Brussels scene both as a DJ and a programmer. Her mixes draw on her travels and a rich and vibrant electronic music culture.

In the framework of Némo - International Biennial of Digital Arts of the Ile-de-France region.
Lafayette Anticipations
Saturday 04 Dec 2021
from 07 pm to 10:30 pm

Cucina Povera aka Maria Rossi
Decha aka Viktoria Wehrmeister
Under Arrest © Victor Pattyn


Cucina Povera is the solo project of the Luxembourg-Finnish musician Maria Rossi.

Taking its name from the Italian culinary concept that emphasises the use of a small number of simple ingredients, Cucina Povera creates otherworldly music from layered voices and electronics, melodies and harmonic drones.

She released her debut album, Hijla, in 2018 on Glasgow's Night-School Records, her second album Zoom (2019) is a collection of recordings using mainly her voice alone, documenting different places and moods.

His latest album Lumme (2021), recorded in Rotterdam, London, Luxembourg and Glasgow, explores glossolalic magic in a 60-minute swirl of extended excursions for voice, organ and synthesizer, filled with ambient-pop anthems.

Decha is Viktoria Wehrmeister, and Viktoria Wehrmeister is Decha.

Viktoria Wehrmeister is by now known in some circles as the voice of the duo Toresch (alongside TOLOUSE LOW TRAX & Jan Wagner). Under the name Toresch they have released 2 critically acclaimed records on Vladimir Ivkovic’s label Offen Music which brought forward the fusion between TLT’s abstract raw, industrial yet sexy beats and Viktoria’s dadaist vocals.

In her debut solo LP under the alias of Decha, Viktoria Wehrmeister presents 9 songs, more personal, and more abstract (yet always playful) approach to her art then heard on the Toresch records. Hielo Boca is a record that is both enchanting in its minimalism and yet still manages to pour out Viktoria’s exploding creativity, each song in its own way.