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Born in Switzerland, he lived in the United States and England before settling in Paris. Nelson Beer embodies a creative vision in constant transition and movement.

His vessel is pop music, whose transversal and experimental potential he exploits to the full. His recent EP Orlando (which takes its name from the character in a Virginia Woolf novel) explores questions of gender, social and emotional constructions. It is a manifesto of electronic music that harnesses the narrative power of song but leaves the listener to find their way through its sometimes melodic, sometimes ambient soundscapes.

Imbued with non-Western influences and sometimes constructed with the help of field recordings, Nelson Beer's music is a laboratory of aesthetic innovations that places the artist in the prestigious lineage of the great transformers of our time, from Holly Herndon to Oneohtrix Point Never via Björk.
© Martin Argyroglo
© Martin Argyroglo
© Martin Argyroglo

Nelson Beer s’inscrit dans un nouveau mouvement punk qui réunit les genres et traverse les disciplines.

Entre architecture, danse et musiques hybrides, Nelson déploie une proposition plurielle et en tension. Né en Suisse, élevé entre les USA, la France et l’Angleterre, Nelson Beer agit comme une réconciliation entre les vestiges d’un vieux monde et les prémices d’un monde nouveau—à la recherche d’une substance mutable et invasive. A l’image de son identité, sa musique est un archipel d’influences.