Julie Ackerman Hyperpop

Friday 28 Jun 2024 from 6pm to 7:30pm

Free upon registration


Talk in french

A discussion based on Julie Ackermann's book Hyperpop, which explores this ambiguous genre.

Extreme, ecstatic, experimental, hyperpop was born in the early 2010s with SOPHIE and A. G. Cook. The aim: to magnify the impact of pop music in a way that is both critical and pleasurable.

By delving into the mysteries of digital capitalism and its Internet cultures, Julie Ackermann sheds light on this ambiguous genre, which has chosen to merge with the times, its artificiality, its technological fetishism, its endless commodification and its cult of youth.

Going beyond the limits of satire to develop a new form of sincerity in its relationship with the world, hyperpop navigates between queer utopia, accelerationism and post-irony to implode capitalist culture from within.