Fashion as indiscipline

Thursday 28 Mar 2024 from 7:15pm to 9:45pm

Free upon registration

Poliche, performance for the launch party "Fashion as indiscipline" © Lafayette Anticipations

An evening about the collective work La mode comme indiscipline, published by B42, in collaboration with the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and the École Duperré.

Exhibited, mediatised, praised or criticised, fashion defines a significant part of the material history of our societies.

Like its complex and mobile industry, fashion is a discipline in the making, an interdisciplinary field of research that has gradually appropriated the analytical grids and critical tools of neighbouring sciences, while feeding off its own paradoxes and ambiguities.

Between permanence and novelty, materiality and immateriality, Fashion as an indiscipline aims to bear witness to the richness of this creative field by outlining the current state of thinking on, by and for fashion. Researchers, philosophers, designers, performance artists, collectors and artistic directors are all invited to examine these areas together, focusing on four central themes: the formation of styles, between clichés and emancipations; forms of fashion conservation, both artistic and heritage; the relationship between this industry and the market; and finally, current creative processes, from an ecological and resilience perspective.

This book is the result of the eponymous symposium organised by the École des arts décoratifs and the École Duperré at Cerisy in 2021. Edited by Mathieu Buard, Céline Mallet and Aurélie Mosse.

Texts by Samuel Bardaji, Odile Blanc, Guillaume Blanc-Marianne, Claire Brunet, Cyril Cabellos, Olivier Châtenet, Emanuele Coccia, Colette Depeyre, Rebecca Earley, Laetit