Mixtape ASMARA

First broadcast 192 days ago

Mixtape ASMARA

Composer of the soundtrack for The show is over, the main installation for Wu Tsang's exhibition, ASMARA (aka Asma Maroof) is an electronic musician, DJ and producer.
She is also known as NGUZUNGUZU, a duo formed with Daniel Pineda in Los Angeles that explores dystopian sound atmospheres.

For the "visionary company" exhibition, she offers us an evocative tracklist mix, blending avant-garde jazz accents with vaporous electronic layers.


Electronic musician Asma Maroof’s sonic fascinations are rooted deep within her upbringing.

After studying film at SAIC Chicago, she began recording and re-editing live improvisations with Daniel Pineda under the name Nguzunguzu. Producing and playing solo as Asmara, she played in prestigious institutions such as the Sydney Opera House and the Whitney, and is an alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy. 

Her sensual yet somber debut EP Let Ting Go embodies her adventurous relationship with sound, bridging elegant Indian strings and R&B sparkles with raw underworld drum patterns. Working with many vocalists, she’s especially worked closely with Kelela, producing tracks on all her releases and co-producing her “Take Me a_Part, the Remixes” project. Mesmerized by the connections sound makes internally, externally, and socially, she continues to explore its powerful storytelling capabilities, both behind the decks, and on screen.