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In 2018-2019, Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger of the ABOUT A WORKER label collaborated with La Redoute.
An innovative initiative against the backdrop of the creation of a collection in a participatory way. The creative duo and six logistics agents from Quai 30, the company's parcel processing centre, have co-created a simple and functional mini collection. Plural visions were exchanged and shared during this experience of collective creation. Lafayette Anticipations invites the public to discover in preview the La Redoute X ABOUT A WORKER collection, its development process and the social issues of the project. This presentation is an opportunity to meet the actors of this human and creative adventure, while opening with a discussion on the challenges of sharing and transmitting knowledge about fashion.


Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger - ABOUT A WORKER
Sylvette Boutin-Lepers - Head of Creative Partnerships & Image LA REDOUTE
Karine Souris, Josette Sénéchal, Philippe Stevens, Isabelle da Silva, Véronique Plancke, Christiane Descheemaeker - Representative of the Quai30 logistics centre team
Fabien Rouquette - Director of the Quai30 logistics centre
Nadia Le Gendre, Artistic Director

Discussion moderated by Vicky Chahine, fashion journalist
Lafayette Anticipations

Thursday 21 Nov 2019
from 07 pm to 09 pm

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