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In 2018-2019, Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger of the ABOUT A WORKER label collaborated with La Redoute.
An innovative initiative against the backdrop of the creation of a collection in a participatory way. The creative duo and six logistics agents from Quai 30, the company's parcel processing centre, have co-created a simple and functional mini collection. Plural visions were exchanged and shared during this experience of collective creation. Lafayette Anticipations invites the public to discover in preview the La Redoute X ABOUT A WORKER collection, its development process and the social issues of the project. This presentation is an opportunity to meet the actors of this human and creative adventure, while opening with a discussion on the challenges of sharing and transmitting knowledge about fashion.


Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger - ABOUT A WORKER
Sylvette Boutin-Lepers - Head of Creative Partnerships & Image LA REDOUTE
Karine Souris, Josette Sénéchal, Philippe Stevens, Isabelle da Silva, Véronique Plancke, Christiane Descheemaeker - Representative of the Quai30 logistics centre team
Fabien Rouquette - Director of the Quai30 logistics centre
Nadia Le Gendre, Artistic Director

Discussion moderated by Vicky Chahine, fashion journalist
Lafayette Anticipations
Thursday 21 Nov 2019
from 07 pm to 09 pm


Founded in 2017 by Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger, ABOUT A WORKER is a collaborative giving textile factory workers the ability to become designers.
Through an introduction to creative expression, workers are trained to design expressive clothing inspired by their vision of the industry and personal stories, using design as a universal language. Presented through immersive experiences, ABOUT A WORKER's creations question the public and connect those who influence, those who make and those who consume fashion. ABOUT A WORKER offers a raw observation of the fashion world and wants to inspire the positive rebels to believe in new creation and production systems through inclusivity.
Co-creator and director of a prep-school for the fashion industry, Nadia Le Gendre now works with fashion and accessory brands.
She also offers conferences and workshops for small groups of students interested in arts & crafts professions. In particular, creative identity: the study and analysis of clothing in family albums.
Vicky Chahine a longtemps été chef du service mode à M, le magazine du Monde, avec l'envie d'approcher cette industrie et ses acteurs comme tout autre terrain d'investigation. Elle travaille désormais comme journaliste free-lance pour Les Echos Week-end, GQ ou encore Marie Claire et s'intéresse à l'approche transversale du lifestyle.

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