Lafayette Anticipations
© Arthur Hoffner

Ateliers Aquatiques

Artist Arthur Hoffner invites the children to collectively build a small fountain from recycled and reclaimed elements.
"Ateliers Aquatiques" is a design project around the fountain. It is a reflection on the essential link between Man and falling water, in order to consider the fountain, this domestication of a piece of nature, as an opportunity for wonder, and to reinvent this scenography of the superfluous in a world subject to utility. The aim here is to consider design as a mischievous source of pleasure, offering a dreamlike sensitive experience, far from an instrumental relationship to the world.

For children from 6 to 12 years old
Lafayette Anticipations

Saturday 30 Nov 2019
from 03 pm to 05 pm
Sunday 01 Dec 2019
from 03 pm to 05 pm

Lafayette Anticipations
© Arthur Hoffner

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