Acid Magazine N°6 + performance by 15-15

Wednesday 26 Jun 2024 from 7pm to 10pm

Free entry

Free access, without registration

Acid Magazine launches its sixth issue at Lafayette Anticipations with an exhibition and performance by the group 15-15!

Entitled "Whatever Surfing Means", this 300-page issue explores the boundaries of what we call "surfing".

The magazine gives the voice of more than 30 photographers, scientists, artists, designers, poets and journalists to try and answer this existential question, including Ronan Bouroullec, Camille Summers-vali, Julian Klincewicz and David Luraschi.
To accompany the launch of this sixth issue, the group 15-15, interviewed and photographed in the magazine, is putting on an original performance, combining electronic music and traditional Polynesian oratory.

An exhibition dedicated to this issue is also on display in the Agora.

⮕ On the programme:

7pm - 10pm: launch of issue 6 with merchandising, magazines and exhibition in the Agora and Bookshop.
8pm: original musical performance by 15-15
9pm: surprises

→ A surfing magazine? Yes, but no.

Surfing often seems trapped in myths and stereotypes of its own making. Acid Magazine is a space for deconstruction and taking a stand highlighting those who take the risk of creating parallel imaginaries. Acid Magazine is an open encyclopaedia, imperfect and always unfinished.

Placing surfing in its socio-economic, historical and cultural context, this new issue reveals controversies, relationships, fantasies and tragedies about surfing and its meaning. Among the 26 articles (classified from A to Z), readers will discover exclusive photo series by Quentin Lacombe, Thaddé Comar and Diana Kunst, an essay by Timothe Parrique and a historical survey of surfing during apartheid by Raphael Krafft.

→ In Acid Magazine No6

Some surf, some don't, but they all have a particular vision of the Ocean.

Photographers: Sara Bastai, Thaddé Comar, Julian Klincewicz, Diana Kunst, Quentin Lacombe, David Lurashi, Achille Mauri, Andrew McConnell, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Camille Summers-vali, Rupert Tapper, Olivia Wunshe

Editors: Pablo Bras, Manon Bruet, Jeremy Debarros, Come Gerrif, Anaïs Guillemané Mootoosamy & Edwin Mootoosamy Guillemané, Virginie Huet, Raphael Krafft, Tristan Mausse, Julie Nicol, Juliette Penelope Pépin, Timothée Parrique

Artists : Ronan Bouroullec, Barry Britton, Matthieu Cossé, Lea Domingues, Ines Maestre, Charles Villa