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In 'Les liens qui empêchent', Sarah Schulman analyses the reproduction of homophobia within the family circle, even though the family should be the place where each individual develops and flourishes.

Drawing on both sociological theories and individual testimonies, the author unpacks the mechanisms that lead families to exclude some of their members. Although homosexuality is increasingly represented in the media and in popular culture, Sarah Schulman shows how it is often caricatured and pathologised. This increased visibility does not necessarily go hand in hand with greater acceptance of homosexuals within the family circle.

Sarah Schulman makes a strong plea for homophobia to become a social issue that is no longer relegated to the private sphere, and offers ways of putting an end to the suffering endured by many homosexuals in the family home.
Sarah Schulman is a novelist, playwright and human rights and LGBT activist.
She is Distinguished Professor of English at CUNY. She was a member of ACT UP New York and in 2001 founded the ‘ACT UP Oral History Project’, which aims to collect and archive testimonials from people who played an active role in the fight against AIDS in the USA in the 1980s and ’90s. She is involved in the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people and a member of the activist organisation Jewish Voice for Peace. She is the author of nineteen books published in the USA. Two of her novels, After Delores (Éditions Inculte) and Rat Bohemia (Éditions H&O), have been translated into French.