Marine Serre Hard Drive

Exhibition from 05 Mar to 06 Mar 2022

2 years and 3 months ago

For her first exhibition, Marine Serre reimagined Lafayette Anticipations’ space as a massive three-floors Hard Drive containing the DNA of the House.

During the two days exhibition, visitors have access to the world of Marine Serre through unique installations and pieces, talks, guided tours, and performances.

The first floor unveils the Marine Serre’s pioneering Regenerative creation and upcycling processes during which end of life garments are restored and everyday objects exalted.

On the second floor the House’s (hard) core materials expand and blend to create visionary environments inspired by the latest 2022 collection. Those modern dioramas are imagined as worlds to explore, experience and feel, offering timeless and simple excerpts from life.

A selection of original paintings from the 15th to the 17th century, bold reinterpretations of some of the strongest feminine figures in Art history, are presented on the top floor - enabling numerous levels of interpretations for all.

A popup store offers the visitors the opportunity to regenerate their own garments and objects with the House distinctive moon logo, as well as Marine Serre’s pieces and a curated selection of books and objects.


Saturday March 5th

  • 2:00 pm Body painting performance
  • 4:30 pm "Imagination at the service of transformation", a talk with Marine Serre and fashion journalist Rachel Tashjian (in English). Free on booking.

Sunday March 6th

  • 4:30 pm « La mode, l’imaginaire et ses pouvoirs », talk by Marc Abélès (in French). Free on booking.