Échelle Humaine

Edition 2023

3 days of Festival
From 15 to 17 Sep 2023

5 months ago

In this latest edition, the Echelle Humaine festival embraces the movements of the artists, researchers, students, and audiences members invited to take over Lafayette Anticipations while unveiling its spaces for play, porosity, and mutations.

Over the course of one weekend, Echelle Humaine hosts a series of polymorphous encounters: performances, installations, workshops, films, conversations, naps, a party, and many other opportunities to experience the connections that move us and to question their transformations. 

Performer Ivan Cheng brings us his new piece, Clarities, which upends the uses of language, genres, and the spectacular.
In a site-specific version of Apocalypso, Luara Raio and Acauã El Bandide Sereia invoke deeply embedded images; their rituals reveal, layer by layer, the state of our burning earth. Alix Boillot proposes Scénographie potentielle, an islet of abstract and sensory shapes that are constantly modified by activations, gazes, and words. L'Origine de la mort, a new performance piece by Paul Maheke, explores the dialogue between dance, sound, and identity, drawing upon elements of roller rink culture and the figure of the vampire.

Choreographer Taos Bertrand leads a workshop with students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris, who then share their research at the end of the festival. An ephemeral reading room, conceived by Tai Shani, offers audiences a place of rest and discovery. A series of films, collective practices, and talks take place throughout the Fondation. All this, with the hope of sparking new ways to think, live, and move through the present, together. 

Programme: Amélie Coster et Madeleine Planeix-Crocker

In partnership with Le Festival d’Automne à ParisLa Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian — Délégation en FranceLes Beaux-Arts de Paris,  Chaire « Troubles, dissidences et esthétiques » and Le Festival Jerk Off.

Cover image credit: Performance Luara Raio, Apocalypso. Photo: Raquel Pimentel

Saturday 16 September 2023