Wu Tsang, visionary company

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations
Authors: Tosh Basco, Laura Harris, Fred Moten, Hypatia Vourloumis, Fernando Zalamea
Graphic Designers: Maëlle Brientini
Photographers: Pierre Antoine
Size: 19,4x28,2 cm
Number of pages: 162
Language: French - English
Date of release: Apr 2021
Price: 29€
ISBN: 978-2-490862-08-5
Designed like a score, this catalogue takes up certain codes: its format, already, and its cover where the staves are mixed with embossed characters recalling the music of The Show is Over, the central installation of the exhibition.

At the heart of the richly illustrated book is Fred Moten's poem "Come on, Get It", which greatly inspired Wu Tsang, and which is reproduced here in facsimile from a cyanotype made by the artist herself.

The authors, Tosh Basco, Laura Harris, Fred Moten, Hypatia Vourloumis and Fernando Zalamea, explore the collective, aesthetic, performative and political dimensions of this militant and poetic work.