Lina Lapelytè
The Mutes

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations
Author: Lina Lapelytè
Graphic Designers: Charles Villa
Size: 11x20 cm
Number of pages: 44
Printing: Riso papier master (Oscar Ginter de Parseval)
Binding: Singer
Language: French-English
Date of release: Jun 2022
Price: 5€
ISBN: 978-2-490862-27-6
This booklet takes you on a tour of this performance exhibition through a conversation between the curator, Elsa Coustou, and Lina Lapelytè. 

In it, the artist develops her desire to work with non-musicians, her reflection on the fragility and unity of the performers, the music and the space in which the performance takes place. 
The booklet also includes the scenography and the texts in English and French.