Katinka Bock
Tumulte à Higienópolis

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations
Graphic Designers: Charles Villa
Size: 11x20 cm
Number of pages: 60
Nombre d\'illustrations : 25
Printing: Riso
Binding: Singer
Language: Français-Anglais
Date of release: Oct 2019
Price: 5 €
Book published on the occasion of Katinka Bock's exhibition to Lafayette Anticipations, from October 10, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Katinka Bock's sculptures, performative actions or installations are always the result of an experience linked to a specific place, whose physical and material conditions she has probed while exploring their historical, political and social dimensions. Her interest in measurement and place is reflected in the formulation of hypotheses prior to the work of sculpture, by questioning the a priori idea of place, its persistence over time or its change according to experience.

Katinka Bock's work has been the subject of numerous institutional exhibitions internationally, but surprisingly never in Paris, a city she has lived in for several decades. The restoration of a building in Hanover offers an unexpected opportunity to design an original and spectacular project with Katinka Bock in all the spaces of Lafayette Anticipations.
This rich and ambitious project tends to take over all the spaces of the exhibition space, making the interior and exterior of the institution interact.

The centrepiece is a monumental sculpture, Rauschen ("Ressac"), which can be suspended or presented lying down. The piece, measuring approximately 9x 2.5x4m, unfolds fully in space. It evokes the mantle of a bat with copper plumage. The works reflect Katinka Bock's current research on textures, reptilian skin in particular, materials such as copper, leather, clay and printing techniques.