Issy Wood
Study For No

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation Galeries Lafayette
Author: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
Graphic Designers: Charles Villa
Size: 11x20 cm
Printing: Riso papier master (Oscar Ginter de Parseval)
Binding: Singer
Language: Bilingual French - English
Date of release: Oct 2023
Price: 5 €
ISBN: ISBN: 978-2-490862-35-1
Lafayette Anticipations presents Study for No, Issy Wood's first solo exhibition in France, featuring more than 60 paintings by the English artist, most of them previously unseen. Borrowing its title from a 2019 painting, the notebook follows the exhibition.

As an observer of the contemporary world, Wood's work is the result of an amused, affected and sometimes disconcerted view of the power relations at play. The figures and scenes in her series are all perspectives and allegories on the power games that govern our ways of being in the world, and which she explores.

 The exhibition booklet includes an interview between Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel and Issy Wood, a selection of the works presented in the exhibition, and the lyrics to the artist's song Ceiling.