Hella Jongerius

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations
Graphic Designers: Charles Villa
Size: 11x20 cm
Number of pages: 60
Printing: Riso
Binding: Singer
Language: French-English
Date of release: Jun 2019
Price: 5 €
ISBN: 978-2-9563032-9-9
Book published on the occasion of the exhibition of helle Jongerius in Lafayette Anticipations, from June 4 to September 8, 2019.

The Dutchwoman Hella Jongerius is today one of the most important figures in international design. A special feature of her work is certainly the fact that she conducts fundamental research and industrial development on the same front. At the JongeriusLab, based in Berlin, her unique theoretical, experimental and empirical research focuses, for example, on the visual impact of colours and surfaces on each other, or on the materials used in objects and the very nature of their uses... In many ways his practice echoes that of the art world or what has been called speculative design. But his work is resolutely inscribed in an industrial perspective for the greatest number of people.

Throughout the summer of 2019, the Foundation building was transformed into a large fabric factory open to the public. The performative qualities of the building itself were put to good use, the movable trays were used as a gigantic loom in constant mutation. A team of weavers and young designers will work together with volunteers who have wished to take part in this great project. The complexities of weaving, the possibilities of technological development, but also the social issues of textile production today were addressed throughout the exhibition during public meetings designed with the JongeriusLab.