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Eileen Quinlan with Jazz Leeb
An Image (Haunted by Wols)

Authors: Eileen Quinlan, with Jazz Leeb
Graphic Designers: Oscar Ginter de Parseval
Photographers: Eileen Quinlan
Size: 10x15 cm
Number of pages: 16 cartes
Nombre d\'illustrations : 16
Printing: Riso
Date of release: Feb 2019
Price: 16 €
Risograph printed postcards

These postcards are made by Eileen Quinlan especially for Passer-by, shot over two nights as the exhibition was being installed. They are inspired by the fruitful collaboration between the German artist Wols and the Pavilion of Elegance of the 1937 International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life in Paris. Wols was employed to make the official documentation of the Pavillon, which was under the direction of couturier Jeanne Lanvin. Taking their relationship as a template, Quinlan was employed by Atelier E.B to document the ‘backstage’ atmosphere of Passer-by, the gallery space in disarray while installing is in progress. Like Wols, she also turns this documentation into commercial postcards for sale to the visitor, using the on-site Risograph facilities of Lafayette Anticipations.