Cookie management
What is a "cookie"?
A cookie is a file deposited on your terminal (computer, mobile or tablet) when you visit a site or view an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your browsing, in order to send you services and offers adapted to your terminal and your interests.
The visitor's choice on the deposit of cookies is kept for 6 months. The cookies deposited on the site have a maximum life of thirteen months. When you visit our website for the first time, cookies are likely to be deposited, subject to the choices you have made concerning cookies.
We inform you of the deposit of these cookies via the information banner that is displayed when you first open the web page you are visiting. You are then informed that by clicking on the "ACCEPT" button you are giving your consent to the deposit of all cookies. If you click on the "REFUSE" button, no cookies will be deposited except for the cookie recording your choice to refuse.

What information do cookies collect?
Cookies record and/or read files in order to obtain information relating to your interaction with the site, and in particular to your navigation and behaviour. 
In this context, subject to your agreement and/or the chosen settings, Lafayette Anticipations collects and processes all or part of the following information in the context of the operations detailed below:
> Functional cookies essential for navigation:
These cookies are files that are essential for the display and proper functioning of the site. In particular, they allow you to be authenticated.
These cookies are automatically deposited and it is not possible to configure or refuse their deposit because, without them, the site could not be displayed and/or function correctly.
> Analysis and performance cookies:
We may use partner companies to analyse and measure the audiences and visits to our websites, to draw up statistics and to carry out checks with the aim of optimising our services and/or improving our knowledge of our visitors.
Our recurring partner depositing analysis and performance cookies is Google Analytics.

How to set up cookies?
You have several options for setting your cookie preferences. However, any settings you make may affect your browsing experience and your access to certain services that require the use of cookies: you will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of functions that are nevertheless necessary for browsing in certain areas of our site. This would be the case if you attempt to access our content or services that require you to be identified. This would also be the case if we - and/or our partners - were unable to recognise, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your terminal, its language and display settings or the country from which your terminal appears to be connected to the Internet.

You can set cookies in the following ways:
- by directly configuring your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) so that cookies are saved or rejected;
- by clicking on "I personalise my choices" on the cookies banner that appears when you first visit our site.