Work from the Collection

Static Power Series : The Wooden Pause

Date: 2007
Medium: Sculpture
Materials: Wooden shipping crate, Polyester, Electronic System
Collection: Lafayette anticipations - Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin
The Wooden Pause is part of the Static Power Series that explores the potential of an artwork. This sculpture features a wooden shipping crate filled with pieces of polyester animated by random movements driven by an electronic system. Davide Balula surprises the viewer by confronting them with a work that, as if it had remained in its crate for too long, becomes alive and autonomous.


Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris (France)
from 04 Apr to 13 Apr 2013
Antidote 3
La Galerie des Galeries, Paris (France)
from 13 Sep to 03 Nov 2007
De la place pour le sable
Galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris (France)
from 05 Jun to 28 Jul 2007