Work from the Collection

Names and surnames

Date: 2012-2013
Medium: Framed black-and-white photographic print
Collection: Lafayette anticipations - Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin
Domain: Photographies

This photographic print depicts a bed on which small copper crosses called handa are placed on bubble wrap. This photograph evokes the process of creation of Sans titre (des corps entassés), another work by Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc also held in the Lafayette Anticipations foundation. The image also complements the documentary film An Italian Film (Africa Addio) which details the history of these crosses, from their manufacture at an unknown date until their transformation in early 2010 in a foundry in Scotland. Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc acquired these handa on eBay. Although these objects now attract the attention of private collectors, their manufacture was once reserved for a selection of initiated men from the Katanga region (Democratic Republic of Congo). The crosses cast by members of this group nicknamed “copper eaters” were used as currency. The more copper they contained, the greater their value. These men then lost control of the mines due to Belgian colonization and stopped passing on their knowledge. The artist, through his work, helps to bring this past and this memory back to life.

Text written by Audrey Pellerin as part of the partnership between the École du Louvre and Lafayette Anticipations – Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin.


Ce qui ne sert pas s'oublie
CAPC musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux, Bordeaux (France)
from 22 Jan to 03 May 2015