Artist of the Collection

Lutz Bacher

Born in 1943

Dead in 2019 atNew-York, États-Unis

The American artist, who adopted a male pseudonym from the outset, produced conceptual work across a range of different media. Her photographs, sculptural arrangements, videos, sound pieces, and installations bring together objects and images that are often part of the collective imagination. Photographs of public figures found in the press that, when copied over and over again, take on a new life, everyday objects, and discarded items found in second-hand shops are integrated into her installations made of ready-made items, used balloons, marble, and sand. Her appropriations draw on pop culture, pulp fiction, pornographic magazines, popular psychology books, paparazzi snapshots, sometimes with art historical references. The human body, sexuality, power, and violence are key issues in her work, as are the current state of both things and beings, and the fine line between the private and public spheres.

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