Café-Restaurant Wild & the Moon

Temporary closure - Following the government's announcements, Wild & The Moon is closing its doors this Friday, October 30 and until further notice. 

Discover the Wild Food & Juice Bar by Wild & the Moon on the ground floor of the Fondation with its 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and seasonal menu!

Inscribed in an urban movement, Wild & the Moon was created by a tribe of food lovers, in collaboration with chefs, nutritionists and naturopaths. Wild & the Moon is based on the simple belief that food should be good for you, good for the planet, and delicious.

All products are made from 100% organic, gluten-free, local, ethically sourced, seasonal and plant-based ingredients, that bring a little bit of nature in our busy lives. Our food and cold-pressed juices are 100% organic, pure,  fresh, and unpasteurized, leaving their nutritive power intact. Wild & the Moon seeks to be the spokesperson for this all-natural and healthy movement, so as to spread its word. A slow food spirit set to an urban beat, a project harmoniously inscribed in the Fondation’s ecosystem.

Wild & the Moon goes one step further in its efforts to better the planet! All of its packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable: its bottles, straws, and even stickers! The bioplastic packaging is made from corn starch and sugar cane, from a process that incurs little energy use and environmental impact.

Bar design
OMA Agency, Rotterdam

Furniture and room design
Agence Ciguë, Paris

Vegetal decoration
Mama Petula, Paris

Contact us
+33 9 72 65 84 37

The Café-Restaurant Wild & the Moon is closed today.
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Wild & The Moon ; Lafayette Anticipations
Café-Restaurant Wild & The Moon Martin Argyroglo
Wild & the Moon at Lafayette Anticipations
View of the Wild & the Moon terrace at the Fondation © Martin Argyroglo
Wild & the Moon at Lafayette Anticipations
Wild & the Moon on the Fondation's ground floor © Martin Argyroglo
Wild & the Moon at Lafayette Anticipations
Wild Food & Juice Bar by Wild & the Moon © Lafayette Anticipations