Théo Robine Langlois

Théo Robine-Langlois explores language through different supports for writing, such as the screen, the book, the radio or the internet.
Lived in Juvisy, Cergy, Taipei, Grenoble, Paris, Clamart

Written on the internet in, in magazines: Bétâ, Remugles, How to become, EAAPES, Octopus Notes, Vozed.

Produced exhibitions in an apartment in Cergy with Jessica Guez: 3some, and continues in a workshop at La Courneuve with Blaise Parmentier: A-frame

Is correspondent for the radio *DUUU

Member of After 8 Books, bookstore and publishing house based in Paris. 

Watches and edits films on the construction and representation of the Parisian suburbs with Stephen

[...] is his first book published in éditions Nous

"Un nuage c’est beaux au pire c’est chiant" is his first vinyl published in the éditions *DUUU.

For a more precise idea of his work, please find here an article by Guillaume Fayard  and this presentation by Roland Cornthwaite.

Théo Robine Langlois

Born in:1990
Artist's works
Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations