Sandrine Alexandre

Sandrine Gasparine Alexandre is graduated from the École normale supérieure de Lyon and holds an agrégation and a doctorate in philosophy. She is currently a research associate at IRePh in Nanterre where she teaches philosophy to a number of different audiences.

As a specialist in ancient philosophy, its reception and contemporary uses, her publications include 24h de la vie de Socrate en 2023.

In her latest book, L'attente ou l'art de perdre patience (Waiting or the Art of Losing Patience), she takes the opposite approach from moralising or psychologising views that would reduce waiting to a singular, private experience of tim and proposes a critical and political approach that makes waiting a complex experience at the heart of neoliberal rationality. She shows how this initially trivial and tedious experience, associated with painful patience, turns out to be a central element of neoliberal governmentality and, among other things, how a queer perspective could shed new light on government by waiting and the resistance that can be brought to it.