Ninon Enea

Born in 1999 at Marseille, France.
Ninon Enea studied at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her work focuses on pop culture and hyper-femininity through a camp prism.

"DJ Fatale started in 2022 during parties at the Beaux-Arts. I was fed up with cismec DJs having a total monopoly on music and only playing techno. So I set up DJ Fatale, with my own resources. I don't know how to mix or compose music, I mix on Virtual DJ and I only play pop sounds, like techo remixes of Mylène Farmer, summer 2007 pop, hyperpop, including remixes of Bébé Lily and Ilona Mitrcey.  All those tracks are blended without really good transitions (a bit unwillingly...) but I also like to keep the cute side of the wedding and fair DJs of my childhood".