Katia Kameli

Lafayette Anticipations
The practice of Katia Kameli, a Franco-Algerian artist and director, is based on a research approach: the historical and cultural fact feeds the plural forms of her plastic and poetic imagination.
She considers herself a "translator". Translation is not a simple passage between two cultures or a simple act of transmission, but also functions as an extension of meaning and form. The act of translation deconstructs the binary and sometimes hierarchical relationship between the notion of original and copy. A rewriting of the stories appears in his work. It highlights a global history, made up of porous borders and reciprocal influences in order to open a reflexive and generating a critical view of the world. Katia Kameli is a graduate of the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Bourges and has followed the post-graduate course Collège-Invisible at the École Supérieure d'Arts de Marseille. His work has found visibility and recognition on the international art and film scene.